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About Sourcing Business Models

Sourcing Business Models (SBM) is the newest development in SRM to classify your supplier relationships and hands-on ways to structure your cooperation. Based upon research from 2015 by professor Kate Vitasek (and co-authors) of the University of Tennessee it is time for a new way of strategic sourcing in the new economy that we currently live in.

By selecting the right Sourcing Business Model for your situation you can increase organisational value from your suppliers, and by effectively applying SBM concepts to your categories, you will be able to structure, manage and develop optimised supplier and stakeholder relationships.

What are Sourcing Business Models? Professor Kate Vitasek explains SBM in the video below

Sourcing Business Models: Transactional, Relational, Investment                                                                                                                         

The Vested approach is one of the Relational Sourcing Business Models.

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What Sourcing Business Models can do for you: procurement professionals and suppliers have to create more value together. 

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12 Ailments of Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management

This article summarizes 12 most common Ailments and guidance on how to overcome them in your strategic supplier relationships. 

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Center of Excellence, wat does that mean?

As NEVI we have a close relationship with Kate Vitasek already for a couple of years. Since we are one of the leading procurement management organisations in the world we are very keen on constantly developing our expertise in the field of procurement and supply management in order to help you get the most out of your supplier relationships. Therefore, we have adopted the methodology of Kate Vitasek and the University of Tennessee on the strategic sourcing in the new economy and particularly the Vested Outsourcing methodology, and are proud to be, together with Hi!Mindset, a Center of Excellence (CoE)!