Our partners

In order to offer the best fit solution to you as our valued customer, we work closely together with other experts in the field of procurement.

Guus Mannaerts

Guus Mannaerts is our trusted partner for conducting the behavioural assessment as part of step 2 of our R-CEPt™ process. As an NIP certified psychologist his focus lies on organisational and competence development. Changes in strategy or organisational structure lead to changes in tasks, responsibilities and (behavioural) competencies. After measuring these changes he will provide advice on how to reach the desired situation.

For this purpose, Guus has developed a Behavioural Assessment© based on 64 behavioural elements. This assessment makes it possible to quickly understand the gap between the required and the current level of behavioural competencies, in order to determine the next steps to become ready for the future.

NEVI sets the standard when it comes to successful behaviour at all levels within organisations. 
Guus Mannaerts - Registered NIP psychologist

Procurement Academy

Purspective partners with Procurement Academy E-learning to provide a full blended solution.

Procurement Academy’s focus is on training global corporate procurement departments, and has created a world-class learning environment that will allow each individual within the procurement team to develop the skills that are required for their specific roles.

The unrivaled E-learning solution enables organisations, who often have globally dispersed procurement teams, to train all of their staff remotely and to implement their procurement strategy more effectively.

Purspective and Procurement Academy’s close cooperation has led to a perfect link between E-learning and (virtual) classroom sessions. Our customers recognize that investing in their talent will give them a competitive edge. That’s why they don’t want anything less than the highest quality training for their procurement staff.

Discover Procurement Academy’s unique approach to online procurement training and competence development, through watching the demo video’s.

NEVI workshops are amongst the best in the world! 
Raf Verheyden - Founder and Managing Director of Procurement Academy - E-learning partner

What’s The Price (WTP)

Everyone has the right to pay an honest price. A price is determined by power, timing and information. At any desired moment WTP gives you access to the most important information in a negotiation: the current (commodity) cost price of an item. This insight offers the procurement professional the possibility to get a better deal. Furthermore, WTP ensures that an achieved price develops in the right way in the future.

Therefore, WTP developed an application which provides insights in the should cost model of any commodity. WTP and NEVI joined forces to offer this application to the procurement society in order to help to improve their strategic position.

Find out more about What’s The Price on the WTP website


Perflectie helps organisations and people to change successfully. Focus lies on embedding new behaviour in practice.

To reach this objective Perflectie developed an innovative methodology, based on the work of Ben Tiggelaar. Principles such as ‘70-20-10 learning’ and ‘Virtual Action Learning’ lie at its core. This methodology is supported through an interactive, online platform.

With Perflectie, employees embed their new behaviour in their own practice step by step. They do this by reflecting systematically, involving their social environment and preparing for challenging moments.

The methodology of Perflectie is based upon the 64 behavioural elements of the Behavioural Assessment© as supported by Guus Mannaerts, in order to create a perfect connection between the assessment towards changing behaviour in real life.