MC Procurement Driven Supply Chain Optimization

Procurement decisions in the supply chain will have an effect on your company's financial KPIs. With proper knowledge and coordination of (procurement) decisions in the Supply Chain these costs will be more balanced and your company’s total costs will be minimized.

In this Training you will learn the following

Understand logistics' added value to business success and understand the inter-relations in logistics decision-making
Understand the dominant forwarding processes and their added value to the financial results
Understand and apply a forwarding policy
Understand and apply forwarding and physical distribution concepts
Identify opportunities for cost reduction and performance enhancements


Coordination of all activities in the Supply Chain becomes more and more important. Procurement and Supply Chain Managers are faced with an ever accelerating demand to deliver better products faster and cheaper on a global basis as the pace of business change accelerates over the next decade (source: Encyclopedia for Business). To help you be prepared for this acceleration, we have developed the Masterclass Procurement Driven Supply Chain Optimization. This Masterclass helps in achieving competitive advantage for your company and will help you in understanding the different activities in the Supply Chain and how to get these activities work together in an effective and efficient way. We will explain the different activities and the function of these activities in the field of forwarding and distribution by lectures from subject matter experts in the field of Supply Chain and Procurement, practical assignments, discussions, logistics decision games and e-learning. 

The masterclass is a highly intensive "pressure cooker" that brings you up to speed in no time!

Practical Information

This Masterclass is meant for professionals at middle or higher (departmental) management level in Procurement/purchasing, logistics, material management, sales, finance, customs planning, distribution and import / export related activities. 

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