Nevi YPP: Young Procurement Professionals

Young Procurement Professionals (YPP) is a network of young talents (up to the age of 35) with a drive for purchasing and supply management. It is an interactive network in which young people can meet others to share experiences, knowledge, and meet leaders of today and the future. YPP pursues the development of the field of purchasing and supply management by a dynamic interaction within the network, and a progressive bite regarding the topics and relationships we address.

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Een interview met Mark Bottinga over YPP


      Dick van Gendt  Dick van Gendt

      Mark Bottinga  Mark Bottinga

      Neil Grove  Neil Grove

     Lukas van Eeden  Lukas van Eeden

     Boudewijn Meijs    Boudewijn Meijs

   Odile van Onzenoort    Odile van Onzenoort